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Teddy Bear Bee

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Below are some examples of reviews from happy clients.

1. I am the enormously proud owner of the picture of the 2 Gordon Setters that Phil painted recently, I can't begin to tell you how he has captured both my girls, both with different looks and different personalities absolutely perfectly. The photographs on here look good but the real thing is stunning, His attention to detail is remarkable. Absolutely BRILLIANT. You are a fantastic artist Phil. X  (Julie)
My name's 'Bear'
2. This is Bear, my son's Australian Sheppard as they are called in the US. He is a pretty old dog now but one of the most loving, intelligent dogs I have ever known. He is loved so dearly by us all.
When I saw Phil's work I thought he would be able to capture precisely what many paintings miss - the look. He certainly didn't fail, this is Bear, there can be no doubt.
It was a spur of the moment birthday gift to my son and Phil was under pressure to get this done in a very short time. The results speak for themselves and I recall my son, with a tear in his eye, visibly moved at the likeness of his beloved dog.
Funny days going backwards and forwards as Phil steadily built up the work, but a brilliant job completed with the tightest deadline you could imagine, but so, so worth it.
His work speaks for itself ... What can I say, it's Bear. Thank you Phil Cook (Jennifer)