Here's a sample of the portraits I've recently completed.


Her name was Gwen, alas she's no longer with us.

I was given some low resolution, poor quality photos via email to work from; they were the only photos that existed of Gwen. Her portrait took me a little longer to create and under normal circumstances, I'd ask to take some photographs myself. With help from my client, giving me directions via email, we got to a place we were happy.

When we met to exchange Gwen's portrait , it brought my client to tears and this is what she was able to email me -

"Hi Phil, It is lovely thank you. Just still a bit raw with losing her. 

Good luck with the business"

Her name's Aysia and she's my 1st pomeranian commission -

My clients only instructions were to give them a portrait that encapsulated her character - I was given 10 photos and asked to use these for reference.  This is the email I received a day before I completed Aysia's portrait -

"Awwwwww Phil. I was astonished by what you've achieved so far. Thank you! It looks exactly like her.... I know I know,  it is her!! 
Absolutely amazing!!!!!! Cannot wait to be the proud owner.
Even got butterflies in me belly with excitement
Thank you Phil"

This West Highland Terrier is called Bugsy

My client didn't have any photos of Bugsy that she felt were good enough to use to paint from, so I went and photographed him. I showed my client the photographs I'd shot and at this stage she approved a photograph to use.

She was extremely confident and didn't want to see any images to approve along the way. She was happy for me to finish Bugsy's portrait, then deliver the finished piece. I received a text message after delivering Bugsy's completed portrait.

 "I think the picture is very interesting and full of life. Thank You"